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Traditional Drawings And Illustrations

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10 Artists Who Contemporize the Ancient Craft of Embroidery

Contemporary embroidery reflects the craft’s rich past, with many artists using ancient approaches to express themselves, their environment, or even commercially—embroidery in illustration is gaining quickly popularity.


Jane Radstrom

Jane Radstrom first studied drawing and painting at Watts Atelier California. The methods practiced in atelier schools are based on meticulous renaissance traditions of masterful realism. She then attended Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, earning a BFA in Illustration. Illustration is all about bringing ideas to life – it is art created to clearly convey specific meaning. Now, she create works which she considers to be contemporary realism out of my studio in Austin, TX…


One of my sketch a day drawings Raccoon and 365 # #raccoon #sketch.drawing

Awesome One Line Illustrations…

Awesome One Line Illustrations…

This illustrative style uses different line widths and gestalt law to create its portraits. This combination creates a very clean and simple design that is also very precise. It says a lot without saying too much by focussing on defining figures.