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Fondue - Swiss dish prepared by melting cheese with wine in a chafing dish and using long-handled forks to dip cubes of bread into the cheese mixture


Collectors Quality Gold Metal Ornate Chafing Dish Dish has removable lid and can be lifted from stand Traditionally Used to keep food warm on the Dining or Serving table

Chafing dish; earthenware; with green glaze; globular body, with two crinkled and three perforated bands; two horizontal loop handles.


Chafing dish, cover and stand

Chafing dish and coverChafing dish and cover Place of origin: London, England (made) Date: ca. 1895 (made) Artist/Maker: Benson, William Arthur Smith, born 1854 - died 1924 (designer) W. A. S. Benson and Co. Ltd. (manufacturer)