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Perfect antipasto platter doesn't need to be fancy

Antipasto, Italian for “before the meal,” is a traditional appetizer plate of cured meats, vegetables, olives, cheese and other finger foods.

GRAZING PLATES - More and more restaurants are featuring small plates on their menus. These are meant for the table for a few people to pass and share. This trend takes its cue from traditional Spanish tapas where guests can sit leisurely and graze from many different dishes at once. Think miniature versions of classically casual foods? Comfort foods, in all their nostalgia and high calorie bliss, can reign. Just smaller versions of comfort foods.

from BBC Good Food


Jane's British version of the Spanish quince paste membrillo, traditionally served with Manchego cheese


37 Wedding Cake Alternatives for Couples Who Are Over Tradition

No sweet tooth? No problem. There are plenty of savoury wedding cake options out there. If you’ve been dreaming about a cheese wedding cake, then this cheese celebration cake from Marks & Spencer could be the one.

from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Baked sweet potato falafels with tahini sauce

Baked sweet potato falafels are a healthier but just as tasty alternative to deep-fried falafels. Paired with lemony tahini sauce, lots of veg and a grain, they make a delicious lunch.

from Tinned Tomatoes

Brie, Potato and Mushroom Tart

Brie, Potato and Mushroom Tart. A quick vegetarian tart made with puff pastry. Great with salad for dinner and leftovers are fab for lunch.


Jamaican patties

Jamaican patties, here's a traditional recipe that beats the commercial stuff you buy from most West Indian takeaways or the stuff you buy in packets that gives you next to no amount of meat. This recipe depends on the amount of heat that you like. I personally would add 5 scotch bonnet peppers