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Trader Joe's Stock

from iFOODreal

Mushroom Cauliflower “Risotto”

Mushroom Cauliflower “Risotto” - 15 minute light side dish with cauliflower rice, chicken stock and Parmesan cheese.

from Honest Cooking

Brazilian Moqueca Fish Soup

A vibrant fish stew that is made with your local seafood, coconut milk, and peppers. Serve with lime juice and rice for a gorgeous meal.


Best Indian Naan Bread Recipe | Sitar Indian Restaurants

from BBC Good Food

Spanish seafood rice

Spanish seafood rice. This quick version of paella is superhealthy, plus it's all cooked in one pan so there's minimal washing-up.

from Key Ingredient

Mushroom Pasta Sauce

Mushroom Pasta Sauce-made this last week with fresh mushroom ravioli from Trader Joes. I added 1/3 cup white wine to deglaze the pan before adding the heavy cream. I used fresh basil and thyme instead of dill. I boiled the fresh ravioli for 5 mins and let them simmer in the sauce for the final cooking. Served it with warm sourdough bread and EVOO with sea salt & fresh ground pepper for dipping the bread and a fresh salad. It was better than any restaurant and much less expensive.

from Lady Behind the Curtain

Organic Strawberry Lemonade Pops

Keep your freezer stocked for the summer with these easy to make, good for you organic strawberry lemonade pops.

from The Food Charlatan

Spanish Cauliflower Rice (to eat with Mexican Food)

Spanish Cauliflower Rice (to eat with Mexican Food) from The Food Charlatan // This riced cauliflower is a great substitute for Spanish Rice! Let's be real here guys: this doesn't taste like rice. But it does taste AMAZING, and is a great side dish for your Mexican food if you are trying to eat low-carb!

from The Glowing Fridge

Plant Based Vegan Grocery Guide - What's in my Glowing Fridge

I thought it would be fun to share a grocery haul/whats normally in my refrigerator and kitchen post. Many of the unnecessary ailments in our society today can be cured through plant based nutrition. Ailments such as: acne, body weight, digestive issues, sleep issues, fatigue, diabetes, energy level

from The Kitchn

Quinoa and Beyond: 10 Gluten-Free Grains You Should Know — Ingredient Intelligence

I remember the first time I cooked quinoa. It was back in the 90s when Deborah Madison's "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" first came out and I was intrigued by her quinoa with pine nuts and dried fruits recipe. It took some doing, but I finally tracked down a few handfuls of quinoa in the bulk foods section of my local health food store. Fast forward to today, and quinoa is far from obscure. I can choose from three kinds of quinoa at Trader Joe's — it is even on the menu of chain…

from POPSUGAR Fitness

The 39 Trader Joe's Items You Need in Your Life

Healthy Trader Joe's items to stock up on during your next trip