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Tracy Nelson

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20 Photos of Prince Making Inanimate Objects Sexy


Tracy Nelson. Only daughter of Ricky and Kristin Nelson. She has survived 3 kinds of cancer. Married Wm. Moses 1987-97 and had a daughter 1992 named Remington. She had a son, Elijah 2001, with Chris Clark.

I'm starting to forget what pictures I already pinned! Did I pin this? I guess it doesn't hurt to pin this great rare Under The Cherry Moon movie still one more time does it?!


RIP Elyse Knox Harmon, beauty, actress, fashion designer and grandmother (Nino) to Gunnar, Matthew, Sam and Tracy Nelson and Mom to Mark Harmon... blessings to the whole family. (2-15-2012)


Father & daughter - Rick & Tracy Nelson. Rick died in a plane crash in 1985. One of the pioneers of Rock 'n Roll. Star on his family's show, Ozzie and Harriett.


'Want me to read your fortune?" Under The Cherry Moon - The song played during this scene is an instrumental original version of 'Mia Bocca' which was revamped a bit for Jill Jones solo album in '87. Just a small "purple factoid" :o)