A Secret Trade Deal So Outrageous That Congress Isn't Even Allowed To Talk About It Publicly

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Will TPP End Up Dead Without the US? President Donald Trump said that the US will start pulling out of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement to protect American jobs and kick-start economic revival. In a statement issued after Trump’s January 20 inauguration, the White House named the planned withdrawal from ... https://www.liveworldnews.co/will-tpp-end-dead-without-us #world #news

Truth emerges: New analysis shows TPP trade agreement will lead to increased unemployment and inequality -- Society's Child -- Sott.net

Obama Says Elizabeth Warren Is “Wrong” on the TPP Trade Agreement—Clinton Fails to Say Yes or No The rift over the agreement in the Democratic party is growing.

Global Corporations Are Scheming to Take Control of Our Economy — We Can Put a Stop to It Round 2 in the battle to stop the horrific TPP trade agreement begins. Time to correct the failures of globalized trade.

Farmers from tsunami-hit Miyagi Prefecture shout a slogan against a Trans-Pacific Partnership in 2011. Japan, like Canada, is debating whether to join the free trade zone that could be a game-changer for its member economies.

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TPP? "Trade agreement" gives foreign interests control over America

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