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Beginners' Silk-Ribbon Embroidery: Five Easy Stitches

threads magazine: Beginners' Silk-Ribbon Embroidery: Stem stitch

from DecalGirl

Apple iPad 3 Skin - Pass Over

Apple iPad 3 Skin - Pass Over by Toyism Art Movement

Damsels of Devastation - Mr. Dejo

Mr. Dejo -

Toyism. Toyism as art movement is a reaction on the post-modern world of individualism, which existed in the 1970s through the 1990s, the era in which “everything is allowed”. On September the 5th 1992 artist and musician Dejo (pseudonym) from Emmen writes a manifest called Mother and introduces Toyism to the audience.


The Palaces Empire - Mr. Dejo - Toyism

from Education

Toyism - Art History 101 Basics

Toyism - Art History 101 Basics: Miss Sassy (American Toyist). Soulmates Gone Sour.

Hearts of Giraffe is Trump Card - Dejo