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A widower struggling to raise his emotionally challenged son discovers that he can predict events before they happen

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DI Frost is an old-school no-nonsense copper who believes in traditional policing methods.

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Bex Taylor-Klaus as Audrey Jenson im just in love with her <3

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(Updated) David Duchovny Confirms Skinner and Smoking Man Will Return to X-Files

The X-Files series// Mulder and a Sci-fi junkie"...."im humming the theme tune in my head"...

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Brie Larson in 'Room'. It's a tearjerker, highly emotional with great performances from Larson herself and surprisingly new comer Jacob Tremblay. A work of art, mixing sound and visual camera work to create a sense of isolation, claustrophobia. A touching story that holds relevance, considering latest events similar to this story. Hey, watch it!

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The Simpsons..... the best animated TV show of all time and all around great comedy. Yes, it's been upstaged by Family Guy in recent years, but The Simpsons is still cool with me. Family Guy is funny at times, but The Simpsons remain my favorite animated show.

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Fleabag (2016 - ) A six-part comedy series adapted from the award-winning play about a young woman trying to cope with life in London whilst coming to terms with a recent tragedy.

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I just got this, and I've read this a few times. This is what Dumbledore says to Snape when Dumbledore sees Snape's patronus. Yes, my name is Amanda and I love the Harry Potter series.

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Go Inside the Magic in new Doctor Strange featurette

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A Touch of Frost is a television detective series based on the Frost novels by R.D. Wingfield. It stars David Jason as Detective Inspector William Edward "Jack" Frost, known almost universally as Jack, an experienced and dedicated detective who frequently clashes with his superiors. (extract from Wikipedia)

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