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Tortoiseshell Cat Personality

"Once a cat has given its love, what absolute confidence, what fidelity of affection! It will make itself the companion of your hours of work, of loneliness, or of sadness. It will lie the whole evening on your knee, purring and happy in your society, and leaving the company of creatures of its own society to be with you." -- Theophile Gautier (This perfectly describes my beautiful old tortoiseshell, Abigail)


Autumnleaf, she-cat, is wise and agile. Very loyal and knows the code almost like it was a part of her.


("If a dog jumps into your lap it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing it is because your lap is warmer.") ~ A. N. Whitehead


“Tortitude” – The Unique Personality of Tortoiseshell Cats Posted by Ingrid tortitude tortoiseshell cat personality Tortoiseshell c...

"Tortitude" -- The Unique Personality of Tortoiseshell Cats: Fact or Fiction? Great article. I have three torties and yes, they definitely meet the criteria - strong-willed, fiercely independent, possessive of their human, and talkative. I love them all.

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