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14-year-old floors the world with deceptively simple poem

14-year-old floors the world with deceptively simple poem - Weird News - News - The Independent

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James May and his full-size Lego house nobody wants

Well done, May {Sadly, it was torn apart when it couldn't be moved from the vineyard it was built in :( } I remember this! It was brilliant!

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PD James's 10 tips for writing novels

PD James writing at 93 gives us 10 tips to writing a novel. My favorite= "Don't think about it or talk about it, get the words down."

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Cannabis And Coconut Oil Make Powerful Mixture To Kill Cancer Cells

Cancer Cancer Cancer:: Curing Cancer Using Cannabis ? The Wondrous Healing Properties Of Essential Oils and Tinctures The Rick Simpson Story And ... Tincture Oil Hemp Oil Beat Cancer Book)...

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Tower of London

Cheif Yeoman Warder and Yeoman Jailer outside the White Tower at the Tower of London

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Children with their very own Hobbit house

Grand entrance: The warren is buried more than four feet into the ground but has 6ft 4in of head room inside

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