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Top Essential Oils

from Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance

Hand and Foot Reflexology Meridians – What are they and how do you use them?

Reflexology is a gentle and effective therapy in which the Reflexologist's hands are used to apply subtle pressure to reflex points on the feet.

from Pioneer Settler

How to Make Essential Oils at Home

How to Make Essential Oils at Home | Easy Guide On How To Make Your Own Natural Essential Oils At Home by Pioneer Settler at


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How to Get Rid of a Stye..I need this! My stye hurts!


Goldenrod supports the circulatory system, urinary tract, and liver function. It has been used on skin to heal wounds, for hypertension, hepatitis, liver congestion and fatty liver. Goldenrod essential oil supports circulatory conditions, urinary tract and bladder conditions. It is also calming for the body and mind.

Aromatherapy recipe: essential oils blend - sedative blend :)


Top Home Remedies To Cure Ring Worm==


Aphrodisiac blend - aromatherapy essential oils recipe :)


Home Remedies for Earachesa) Garlic: b) Ginger and Sesame Oil: c) Apple Cider Vinegar: d) Vitamin C: e) Warmed Towel: f) Hairdryer: g) Olive Oil: h) Onion [2]: i) Hydrogen Peroxide: j) Hot Water Bottle: k) Warm Plate: l) Mineral Oil: m) A Scarf: n) Cotton: o) Chew or Suck: p) Bran and Salt: q) Castor Oil: r) Hold Your Nose: s) Alcohol: