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"Everybody starts caring when it's too late."***yeah. they all start caring when the hard bit is done and the good times are back. They'll share the glory days but not the tough times.

I can't keep letting myself believe that things will change. I'm done and gone, by the time you realize you've lost the best you ever had, it will be a little too late.

Being ignored right now by "certain" people I really care about and do sooo much for!! I get so tired of being used and yet you're not following thru on things! It's obvious you ignore me and all I did was love you and really care and am always there for you. You will need me one day and it will be too late! I'm tired of always making the effort or the initiative! Hurts!

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John Jabbo on

Never push a loyal person ...unfortunately those who do, never seem to realize what they are doing until it's too late or they just don't care