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LOL Most common question People always think i know Chinese like uuhh its Korean


Irish Saying: In all the world you will never find another race of people...WE ARE THE IRISH


Kiwi Food Frenzy: 33 things to eat on your trip to New Zealand

What is New Zealand's national dish? Marmite? Pavlova? Pies? Make up your own mind with this collection of classic New Zealand food.


Language: In the image, we see Tongan people speaking and greeting each other. They are speaking the language Tongan. Tongan is the main language of Tonga, with English coming second. English is taught as a secondary language in school. The language features many symbols and accents in the different words. Most of the time, first names mean something. For example, the male name Ahu means smoke. A common greeting in Tonga is: Ko hai ho hingoa? This translates to: What is your name?

Aerial view of Vava'u island group, Tonga. Have been here,absolutely beautiful and beautiful Tongan people