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Buddy Rich, NYC, New York, 1954 © HERMAN LEONARD. One of the most recognizable drummers of all time, Rich performed with such jazz aristocracy as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey and Gene Krupa. The heir apparent to Krupa’s crown, Rich’s infamous disdain for practice was just further proof of his prodigious talent.


Times Square, New York City. The Hard Rock is in what was New York's famous Paramount Theatre, which opened in 1926 and and became the leading live entertainment house in the United States, featuring extended runs by the likes of Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Jack Benny, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. In the 1950s, promoter Alan Freed staged his famous rock and roll shows there.


All About Jazz is celebrating Tommy Dorsey.. music my parents danced the night away

Frank Sinatra poster Dunes Casino vintage Las Vegas


Trombonist/bandleader Tommy Dorsey (1905-1956) was known as the 'Sentimental Gentleman of Swing' - and famous for his band's singer, Frank Sinatra. A few of his songs are 'Opus One', 'Marie', 'I'll Never Smile Again', among countless others.


Tommy Dorsey - one of the greatest trombonists and big band performers of all time. Tommy Dorsey Band was great


A group photograph of MGM’s stars and starlets under contract, taken for the studio’s 20th anniversary in 1943. James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Lucille Ball, Hedy Lamarr, Katharine Hepburn, Harry James, Brian Donlevy, Red Skelton, Mickey Rooney, William Powell, Wallace Beery, Tommy Dorsey, George Murphy, Jean Rogers, James Craig, Donna Reed, Dame May Whitty, Reginald Owen, Keenan Wynn, Diana Lewis, Marilyn Maxwell, Esther Williams, Blanche Ring, Sara Haden, Fay Holden, Bert Lahr, Frances…


Feb. 2, 1940. Frank Sinatra makes his singing debut in Indianapolis with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.


Louie Bellson, regarded by many as one of the greatest drummers of his era. He worked with such legends as Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Duke Ellington during a career of more than 60 years. All the hardware on his drums were gold plated.


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