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Tomi Lahren

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren lashes out at NFL star Colin Kaepernick for protesting the national anthem. Watch the entire piece - link in bio.

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Tomi Lahren to Colin Kaepernick: “If This Country Disgusts You So Much, Leave”

Trevor Noah debates the ignorant racist Tomi Lahren on the Daily Show

Preach it girl! Tomi Lahren is not a Trump supporter. She even works for a conservative network that has been one of Trump’s biggest critics. But this week, she to a stand to let everyone know just how “tired of the Trump bashing” she really is! Everything she had to say in her “final thoughts” …

SlantRight 2.0: Blonde Bombshell Tears Obama Apart In A BRUTAL Rant That’s Taken the Internet by Storm -The GOP the Daily Dose found an enlightening video in which Tomi Lahren clues President Barack Hussein Obama on the facts of the Islamic terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando that slaughtered 49 individuals.

I don't even know what she's (Tomi Lahren) saying in this picture, but I can just tell it's opposed to basic human rights.

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I'm pretty sure Tomi Lahren doesn't have a heart, but I still support this initiative

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