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Whole school reward system. Helps promote positive behaviour. Pupils collect house points in the form of tokens and post them into their houses tube. Weekly totals are shared in whole school assembly and at the end of the half term the class with the most points gets a reward. It has proved very popular with the children!


Positive Reinforcement Visual rewards - Behaviour Management

I am working for - Reward system - for students with Autism Visual Reinforcement for students with Autism.


15 Positive Reinforcement Ideas for Kids - Rewards that Work. For related pins and resources follow


Technology Token System {Printable

Steps for putting together the Technology Token System {Setting Technology Limits free printables from

First and Then combined with the token reward system - Kindergarten/Autism

Everything you need on one board, no more fidgeting with 2 boards, its made my life so much easier!


The World’s Easiest Token System for Behavior Management

#TokenSystems!!!! Token economy systems are often implemented incorrectly. Do not assume that the actual token (sticker, check mark, smiley face, poker chip,etc) holds its own reinforcement value! Tokens need to be conditioned to represent a greater "prize". In the #ABA world, we would call these tokens generalized conditioned reinforcers.