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8 Anniversary Gift Ideas

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together lets... List of things to do when you're together again. Cheap item to include in a care package that gives them something more to look forward to/can generate conversation. Easy to make fit your care package theme by changing the color paper it's written on.

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One of the things I like most about designing with crochet, is that I can let my imagination run wild. I am often amazed where the ideas come from, whether it is the colours I use or the combination of stitches, it all seems to magically blend together. ♥ With modern crochet, we are not limited with colour, shape, Continue Reading

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Angle-izer Instant Template

Measure and transfer angles The Angle-izer Instant Template is a series of slotted rulers held together with locking knobs to let you match angles and shapes. No need to make a special template, just set it in place, slide its four arms to conform to your project’s angles, then tighten the knobs. Perfect for laying tile or flooring, ensuring proper angles on decks and patios, or fitting countertops to corners. Ideal for cutting pavers to fit curving walkways, etc. Made of rugged…

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