Oxford shoes became popular in the 1940's as well & were worn by both men for formal or everyday use & by women for everyday/sporty use. The shoes were made out of leather & could come in one color or two toned, round toe or square toe, & some were decorated with stamped leather caps. The oxford shoes now come in a variety of colors & styles for both genders but simply never seem to go out of style. 1/24/16

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Adorable Ankara Print baby soft shoes for those precious little toes. www.amedee.co.uk

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Love the top pair http://www.uksportsoutdoors.com/product/knitido-yoga-flow-heel-less-toe-socks-for-yoga-pilates-and-dance-with-open-toes-and-anti-slip-83-cotton-for-men-and-women-up-to-size-46-11/

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NB U420 SRDR Sexy red and gray collab of colour, @rowesyx footwearrowe will inspire your toes, ankles and knee. If you are lucky not so much your wallet.

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Foot Guards - geniale Idee für alle deren Charakter eigentlich Barfuß laufen soll, das Gelände das aber nicht zulässt.

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