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Simple! Cut out pieces of news print about the size of each nail. Paint your nails a light color. After they dry, dip your finger tip in a glass of alcohol (vodka is best). Place news print on your alcohol soaked finger nail. Let set for a few seconds, then pull off the paper and ta-daaaa! Finish off with your favorite top coat

Soak off / Gel nails come in large varieties of color. If you can't find the gel nail color you like, you can easily go for normal nail polish by just applying gel base coat and top coat to create lasting effect to your nail!


You're Putting On Glitter Nail Polish All Wrong


Soak your nails in olive oil For beautiful, strong and lasting nails, soak your nails in warm olive oil a couple of times a week for three to five to ten minutes per session. Olive oil penetrates the skin and nails and helps repair damage while simultaneously softening the nails and cuticles. You can even use olive oil over your nails and fingers after using nail polish remover to keep the nails and cuticles soft and strong.


I need these nail clips in my life!!! The aluminum foil trick can be tedious! Must get nail clips!!! Wacky Laki: Glitter Removal with Nail Clips


Start by soaking your finger nails or toe nails for a few minutes in warm soapy water to soften them. Scrub your nails gently with a soft-bristled nail brush to remove any dirt. Make a paste using 2 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda with some water. Spread paste on and under your nail and leave it on for about 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry. Repeat about once a week for optimal results.

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