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Injinji Coolmax liner toe socks, helps prevent blisters when hiking, great under a pair of woolen socks

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To prevent blisters - wear these under general thicker hiking socks to prevent any blisters that occur during hiking

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Not sure why they call them extra lace holes when I've always used them, but this WORKS! My poor scrawny ankles hurt all the time and doing the loop lock seems to be keeping the shoe tight. Highly recommend! ~shehears

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Ten Totally Radical 80's Things I wish would be Popular Again

Jelly shoes...aww takes me back:) early early 90's-ish, my sister and I always had a little girl pair, I remember the blisters but I so so loved them!

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Thanks to Dance...- or walk . Te other day I was walking around with new boot for an hour and a half took the boots off a realized my feet coverd in blood!! Thanks to dance I can ignore ALL foot pain lol!

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