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I spent the night out with my dad enjoying the crazy thunder storm we had last night (the thunder was so loud I literally ducked in cover once or twice) and enjoyed the Lightning show that went on as well. Today is a bit stormy as well so as such it seemed appropriate to give this another look as its my favorite kind of weather.

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I love Humphrey's copper fountains. As a retired goldsmith his work shows grace and finesse - no-one does it better. The copper changes colour as it weathers to verdigris. And the water tinkles as it drips down from leaf to leaf and then into the pool below.

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We all experience rain & thunderstorms in our lives. I know the bigger the storm, the brighter the sun shines... God only knows how much we appreciate the sunshine today!

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Hi all, The weather at the moment is pretty rubbish for the end of May, so I stayed inside today and spent a little time crafting. I've ...

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This trip I have taken the youngest daughter, as she has been pestering me for sometime to go fishing again. She has selected our normal spot,this gives us plenty of space for the carp rod’s …

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"What Should You Wear Today?" - Colored Thermometer with Clothing Visuals

This is a great resource for students of all ages, but specifically targets younger students or students with disabilities who have difficulty knowing how to dress appropriately for the weather and temperature. This printable poster shows a thermometer from temperatures 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with corresponding colors and clothing visuals that make it easy to understand.

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Warmer weather means #barefeet and sandal weather! Today's client wanted to treat herself to some #henna and show off a fresh #pedicure. Book yourself a treat Darcy Vasudev/Henna Lounge.

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25 Clever Car Hacks To Help You Survive Winter

It's DAY TWO of "Jillee's Favorite Things Giveaway Week" and today we're showing you handy tips for surviving winter driving! PLUS, we're giving away another one of my favorite things.....a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

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Linen Closet Organization and Closet Pharmacy

The weather has been really cruddy all week due to that tropical storm that formed in the gulf so we've been cooped up inside which allowed me to get some organizing projects done. Today I'm showing you how I organized our linen closet that's in our master bathroom.

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What Al Roker Eats for Breakfast

The "Today Show" weather anchor starts his day long before you do, with kombucha, a smoothie, and not a drop of caffeine

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