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from Folksy

Swallows lino cut print

Jane Kendall. Swallows. Linoleum block print....wouldn't this be wonderful as a tiled border somewhere??

from Mail Online

Wormhole in the Milky Way could link to another UNIVERSE

A doorway to another universe,  large enough to swallow a spaceship, may exist at the centre of the Milky Way.  Wormholes (artists's impression pictured) are thought to allow travel between distant points in space and time

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from Complete Developer

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from Stylist Magazine

50 beautiful minimalist and tiny tattoos from geometric shapes to linear patterns

Scotland is home to the oldest tree in Europe, a twisted yew which has stood in Fortingall for 3,000 years. According to local legend, Pontius Pilate was born in its shade and played there as a child.


Will a black hole swallow our galaxy earlier than first thought?

Black holes prevent anything, including light, from escaping their grasp #universe

from Greenhouse Stores

Swallow Dove 6x20 Lean to Greenhouse