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from Mail Online

Titanic's sunken sister ship to become underwater museum

Titanic's sunken sister ship "Britannic" lies on its starboard side in the Aegean Sea. Almost 92 years after it sank to the bottom of the ocean the ship could become an underwater museum for tourists


Vivid account of how the Titanic sank by survivor Jack Thayer, 17, resurfaces in time for centenary

The dramatic first-hand account of Jack Thayer, a 17-year-old survivor of the sinking of the Titanic, is to be published next month (October 2012) after lying almost forgotten for decades.

Liverpool - Belfast // The Beatles in interviews had talked about how the guys on the boats came to Liverpool port with new R&B records that the 'boys' couldn't WAIT to get their hands on !!! This was the connection, of how poor LIVERPOOL changed music -- USA music came by ship. Took them out of the SKITTLE skiffle? Trend. Thank God. __ hberg

from the Guardian

Titanic's Belfast launch - unseen pictures

An album of 166 prints, never before seen by the public, has gone on display for the first time at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum near Belfast. It shows the #Titanic during her launch on 31 May 1911 at the Belfast shipyard where she was constructed, and also images from Titanic’s sister ship Olympic, which was part of the White Star Line