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OLD TIRES have a hundred uses in a playground. Love all these ideas! They're great. We have 16 tires laying around from our cars and I want to put them to use!


Well, it wasn't easy with a 3 year old around. But free tires from garages more then willing to give them away. A few cans of spray paint from Walmart (paint after assembled to save on paint) and Cypress mulch (packs really nicely) from Home Depot. Adding in a Little Tikes sliding board that he is out growing and you have a home made fun, play area for a very active little boy!!


This is an awesome idea for children to learn a sense of balance. It is a creative way for a making a pathway as well.


Charming DIY Ideas How to Reuse Old Tires

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Kids Playground Made from Recycled Tires

Parques Infantis feitos com pneus velhos. Várias ideias em Recycled Playground Made from Old Tires


'Off-leash' play area for kids

Angel Hernandez (left) and Sierra Thomas, both from Richmond, climb on old tires at Adventure Playground in Berkeley, Calif. on Saturday, March 10, 2007. Adventure Playground is a unique location where children can play on structures that they actually create and construct using tools provided to them. The playground�s been around since 1979 but the concept began after WW II in Europe. At the Berkeley park, countless pieces of scrap wood, tires, rope and other material is donated and used…


Hmmm, fitness equipment or vertical garden? This would be a beautiful privacy wall with flowers pouring out of each tire.