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60 of the Most Impressive Tiny Houses You've Ever Seen

Made from 95 percent salvaged materials, the Arched Zebu is a tiny prairie house from Texas Tiny Houses. Impressive Tiny Houses - Small House Plans - Country Living


Tiny Texas Houses: Pure Salvage Building

Shared a photo of this living room a while back without realizing that it is the result of one of my favorite businesses! Love Texas Tiny Houses.


Texas Tiny Houses model 750. This is perfect. I think I have this pinned, but it is a great open living floor plan.


This guy builds tiny work-of-art houses out of 99% salvaged material. And he teaches other people how to do it too!

A size of 11' x 21' with nearly 500 sf of living space twixt the bottom and loft floors. She is about to get a new set of doors on the side to go on the porch too.