We have a "calm down" spot and a "time out" spot. I like this for calming down but seems too much like a reward in time out.

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Looking for something fun to do with your used plastic water bottles? Grab some sparkly glitter glue and make your own DIY meditation or time out bottle.

Make bright and colourful Rainbow Sensory Play Bottles. An adaptable sensory play activity and musical instrument for kids too. Great fun for all ages.

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Both children and adults will love this DIY Frozen-inspired snowstorm sensory bottle. A fun party favor idea for Disney Frozen birthday parties. Calm down bottles like this are most often used to help calm an overwhelmed or anxious child, as a “time out” timer, or as a meditation technique for kids. Else and Anna would love it... make one today!

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Calm down sensory bottles like this butterfly bottle can be used in many ways. They can be used for safe no mess sensory play, a science teaching aid, a time out tool, and to help children (and adults) calm down and unwind. They are also the perfect way f

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Rainbow glitter bottle calm down sensory bottle for kids. Easy and inexpensive glitter bottles kids can make. Great for time out alternatives, stress and anxiety relief, and sensory processing disorders in kids and adults.

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Instead of banishing your children to the dungeon every time they have a hissy fit, why not use this clever 'Time Out Stool'. http://kids.ideas2live4.com/2015/04/02/make-a-sandglass-time-out-stool-for-the-kids/ You can make one using a recycled plastic bottle. What do you think?

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A little while ago I posted about some things I had made up for Chloe to help her wind down from school as she was struggling a little and was over tired. One of the things I made her was a sensory bottle, much like the ‘time out jar’ filled with glitter that I had seen on pinterest. Chloe’s is filled with pretty little beads and gems, sequins and glittler for her to shake and watch everything settle back down while chilling out.When I made Chloe’s I thought I’d make one for Noah as well …

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Calm down sensory bottles are used for portable no mess sensory play, to calm an anxious child, to help children learn to meditate, and as a time out timer.

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