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This is a bamboo classroom pod at the Green School [] in Bali. Its a place where kids are taught about their relationship with the earth that they depend on. The school is built from bamboo. Follow the picture to for video and more wonderful bamboo structures.


The design for this treehouse was inspired by a chrysalis. The walkway is built using redwood and the fins and slats are built from sustainably grown pine and poplar. The structure uses glulam (glued laminated timber) which is used as a replacement for steel.


As testimony to the flexibility and strength of bamboo, these sea urchin shaped pods are the library and reception in the Bambu Indah Resort, Bali. Bamboo is a grass that grows incredibly quickly. Follow this picture to for timelapse video of bamboo growing.


This impressive oak and wattle & daub house and kitchen gardens is Bayleaf Farm, an early Tudor Wealden House from Chiddingstone, Kent, England. More, including video, at