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How To Build A Glass Bottle Torch This DIY project is like hitting not two, but three birds with one stone. You get to decorate your patio with your empty wine bottles, instead of it just binning them. The torches can also be used to keep mosquitoes away. And last but not the least, you get to save some money by recycling!


How to Make Mason Jar Citronella Torches

Mason jar tiki torches Take along while camping or use in your back yard to repell those pesky mosquitos. They also look very cute and are easy to clean if the top smokes up. Love this idea!


5 Tiki Torch Bottle Wicks Aluminum Wick Holders with Fiberglass Wicks for Wine Bottle Oil Candles

Aluminum wick holders perfect for creating your wine bottle lamps, tiki torch lamps and perfect for citronella oil candles for your outdoor parties.


6 Torch Tips with Wick for Glass Tiki Torches

Featuring our Etsy Exclusive Torch Top, these torch tips turn any glass bottle into an outdoor tiki torch. Torch Kits include the following (6 of each): - Etsy Exclusive Torch Top, a copper pipe assembly featuring a non-tip, non-slip design. Torch Tops do not use any teflon tape, which is prone to melting and shrinking. - 13+ Wick Be sure to check out the other sections of our shop! Upcycled lighting (think rusty bucket turned beautiful light fixture), upcycled wine bottle wall…

Glass Bottle Tiki Torch Kits (Set of 2)

Glass bottle tiki torch kit.. upcycle any bottle to a tiki torch! --- uhm. plumbing parts, 2 nuts, a washer, and a threaded bolt from home depot. even as a pair, MUCH LESS than what it's sold for.


Made this fire pot using a ceramic flower pot, sand to fill the pot, two pieces of metal ductwork, two tiki torch canisters and topped it off with glass beads! You could also use river rocks!


Details about Tiki Torch Fibreglass Wicks x 2 + Copper Wick Holders Citronella candles Bottle


5 Torch Tips with Wick for Glass Bottle Tiki Torches


bug repelling tiki torches--wine bottles, tiki fuel, a 3/8 washer and a refill tiki wick. brilliant! So much prettier than the stakes.


How to Make Replacement Tiki Wick Cotton Rope