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Chocolate Tiger Nut Stollen Bites

If you had a go at making Tiger Nut Horchata last week, you might be thinking that despite the tiger nut pulp leftovers (I just feel guilty for throwing it away), horchata is such a delicious, healthy drink it deserves to be a ‘keeper’. If so, today’s recipe for Chocolate Tiger Nut Stollen Bites answers the need for thrift by transforming tiger nut pulp into a superfood energy bite that’s as enticing as tiger nut milk itself. On the other hand, if you haven’t yet tried homemade…


NEW RECIPE: vegan, dairy-free Frozen Dessert - Banana, Caramel & Tiger Nut Bars! Using Tiger Nuts UK tiger nut flour I created a deliciously indulgent but healthy dessert: A 'biscuit' layer with Beloved date nectar, a rich caramel with LucyBeeCoconutOil lucuma powder and a creamy banana and coconut topping with The Coconut Company coconut milk. If you're a fan of banoffee flavours, this recipe is for you!


Lots of people  have been asking us for more information about horchata and how to make it. Horchata de chufa  is a  traditional Spanish drink made from tiger nuts, similar to rice milk or almond milk.  Although horchata has many amazing health benefits (see below)  we found that traditional recipes are often very high in sugar. We have