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How to Prevent Lyme Disease after a Tick Bite

This is one natural remedy that you need for a tick bite to help prevent all tick borne diseases including Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Works for people and animals. I always take this with me when I go camping just in case.

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Home Made Tick Repellent- so cheap and SO EASY! - Blogs - WTAQ News Talk 97.5FM and 1360AM

Natural Tick Repellant NOT FOR PETS! For humans only. Tea tree oil is toxic if ingested, topical only

Tick Repellent for Humans

Tick Repellent for Humans Recipe - 1 white vinegar (2 cups), water (1 cup) and Eucalyptus, peppermint or citrus oils (20 drops). Get a spray bottle and mix all these ingredients and then spray on clothing and skin. Recipe - 2 vegetable oil (2 tbsp.), aloe vera gel (1 tbsp.), rose geranium essential oil (20 drops) and lavender essential oil (20 drops).

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It's summer! Time for camping, hiking and getting outside to play. Don't let those pesky annoying ticks stop you. Here's how with a simple homemade solution! Repellent for your pets: For pets, add 1 cup of water to a spray bottle, followed by 2 cups of distilled white vinegar. Ticks hate the smell and taste of vinegar, and will be easily be repelled by this ingredient alone. Then, add two spoonfuls of ...

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Natural tick repellent for humans and pets. Two recipes, one using almond and citrus oil, the other using vinegar and tea tree oil.

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