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During any large family gathering, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, Tasha Tudor roasted a turkey in her antique tin kitchen

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How I was floored by a tick

Lyme Disease now in areas of UK - photo shows the concentric circles rash following a bite from a tick carrying Lyme disease

Pet owners risk rashes, diseases, bites, and worms when they neglect pet care basics. And dogs and cats can suffer needlessly, too. Pictures show these risky mistakes.


The man we know who has recently contracted Lyme disease (see recent blog entry here) has been kind enough to allow the Diary to publish these photographs of his bite and the classic target-shaped rash which developed. A couple of days later I was talking to local resident Katie Stafford, who said she had had Lyme disease, and offered to describe her experience. Katie writes, "I was bitten by tick whilst camping for a weekend in Dornie in May 2011, but didn't see the bite as it was behind my…

WebMD's Lyme Disease Slideshow provides up-close pictures of Lyme disease rashes and the ticks that can carry the disease, along with information on symptoms at each stage of the disease, the diagnostic testing used, common treatments, and essential prevention measures.

Doctors finally solve mystery of woman’s crippling illness - a 20-year-old insect bite - she had noticed a round rash on her body with a dot in the centre, which she thought was a mosquito bite, but it was a Tick bit and brought Lyme's disease. Ticks can also bite and affect cats and dogs