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DIY Tick And Bug Repellent This REALLY works! Ticks & chiggars (red bugs) hate tea tree oil! Also tea tree oil administered directly to a tick in the skin will make it let go & drop off. We did this on ourselves & our dog & it worked!

Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spot On With Applicator for Small Dogs (5-14 lbs.). Kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, tick nymphs and tick larvae. Kills and repels mosquitoes that may transmit heartworm. The Smart Shield® Applicator, specially designed to make applying flea and tick control easier. Available in 1, 3 and 6 month applicator packs* (* is not available in refill packs). Fast-drying formula works with the biology of your dog by spreading through the oils of his…

"Or like that tick in the tree, for which life has nothing better to offer than perpetual hibernation. The ugly little tick, which by rolling its blue-gray body up into a ball offers the least possible surface to the world; which by making its skin smooth and dense emits nothing, lets not the tiniest bit of perspiration escape." (10)


Essential Oils That Naturally Repel Fleas & Ticks

Using essential oils to repel fleas and ticks helps eliminate the amount of chemicals you and your family are exposed to. Some botanical oils are suitable for direct skin contact, while others work best sprayed on clothing or under rugs and cushions. Exercise caution when using essential oils, especially around children and pregnant women. Keep in...

"I wish I had met you sooner. If you were mine when I was sixteen I never would’ve fallen for that boy in my chem class and cracked my head open on his chest. I couldn’t see straight for 3 weeks after that. And maybe if I had known you since I was a little girl I never would’ve gotten sad enough to cut myself, a tick mark in my skin for each time my mother cried. And if we had met two summer’s ago I probably would’ve been asleep in your bed ..poetry via extrasad Art by Daehyun K

flea/tick/mosquito spray: up to 15 drops (total) of oils in a 14oz spray bottle. Shake well, mist your dog daily. Spray on bedding, around doorways & baseboards to keep insects out. *Mist your own skin, hair & clothing when outside. Place a few drops of essential oil on dog's collar. Renew when aroma fades. Few drops of the oils into palms of hands, rub palms together, apply to dog's coat & skin starting at neck, down front legs, down back to the base of the tail and down back legs