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Thyroid Cancer Greeting Card

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"Mommy has thyroid cancer." September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. #thyroidcancer

Thyroid Cancer Awareness - There is no "good cancer" Poster design, Mary Anne Pennington, 2014 Sources: UCSF Medical Center, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, University of Maryland Medical Center

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This is a site to share information, experiences and truths about Life After Thyroidectomy. It is not meant to replace the advice of a Dr. but it's great place to come, share your experiences and get some great tips and advice on coping. Note: Always follow the advice of your physician and take any recommended medications as prescribed.

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I have heard this sooo many times!! I want to shoot people when they say "Well..if you have to get a cancer, this is the best one!" Seriously??!!! How about no cancer at all! People who say these things have no idea what cancer patients of any kinds go through....

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