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Free felt patterns - A Collection of Felt Bird Ornaments These are quite life-like in colors and poses. Not exactly my style of felting craft but it may be in my future. Kudos to the crafter from me!

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Native American Thunder Bird Wand in ash - Pagan, wiccan, witchcraft, shamanism

Native American Thunder Bird Wand in ash Pagan by MoonsCraftsUK, £23.00

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In 1980 the bones of a bird with a wingspan of twenty-five feet were found in Central Argentina. It has been named the "Magnificent Argentine Bird" AKA "Argentavis magnificens." It is estimated to be about eight million years old. This species is the largest flying bird discovered. So far... Kenneth E. Campbell, (one of the discoverers,) stands in front of a silhouette of the "Magnificent Argentine Bird." And yes, this is to scale...This is on display at the Natural History Museum in Los…