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from the Guardian

Robots could learn human values by reading stories, research suggests

Scientists have been running tests where artificial intelligences cultivate appropriate social behaviour by responding to simple narratives


According to the three laws of robotics, a robot must obey orders from a human. So just tell this robot here what time to wake you up in the morning and he will. Even if it’s super early. Alarm clock, £4

from Mail Online

Official guidelines to keep humans safe from robots published by BSI

Science fiction author Isaac Asimov first wrote the Three Laws of Robotics in a short story that was adapted to become i, Robot staring Will Smith. These laws were designed to stop robots harming humans, but the BSI has now published a new set of guidelines

What are the Three Laws of Robotics and Who Created Them? This is an introductory guide into robot rules. It is a section explaining who created the 3 laws of robotics and how robot law may, or may not, affect human beings.