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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Doing Your Eyebrows

How to tweeze eyebrows with precision. How the models do it and any makeup artist.

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'Brow Wiz' Mechanical Brow Pencil

if someone did my eyebrows like this I would trust them with my life

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Pinterest: Chedsnehblogs ♡

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DIY Eyebrow Threading To Beautify Your Eyebrows Instantly!

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threading b4 xmas pls mum and dad xxx

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Western Engraved Leather Belt

♡ p̫i̫n̫t̫e̫r̫e̫s̫t̫ // k̫a̫t̫e̫r̫i̫c̫a̫m̫p̫b̫e̫l̫l̫ ♡

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Khloe Kardashian On Her Fear Of Eyebrow Threading

Woah. Khloe Kardashian has a *terrifying * warning about eyebrow threading...

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This method comes from Middle East, Asia ( India ...) instead of waxing your eyebrows or using tweezers you can thread your eyebrows, that's a tutorial I found and she shows you pretty well how to do it, if you've never shaped your eyebrows before, you can go to a salon (Indian beauty salon for example) usually not expensive at all, but if you train a bit and get a hold of the method it's super easy to do yourself, I'll be putting up some pics to show you what threaded eyebrows looks like xx

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An entry from Stillness is the Move

perfect brow

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