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Lift and scrub — PDO Thread free consultations and Medi Facials now available! Call or text 07841389233 for more info

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THE ORIGNIAL Moon Goddess Market Moon Child Patch! Dont buy rip-offs please! 3" Iron on patch

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UK artist Debbie Smyth uses hundreds of needles and delicate lengths of thread to create wall-sized installations.

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Say good bye to Botox & fillers – get a PDO thread face lift

Although botox & fillers are popular, a recent PDO Thread lift treatment is increasingly becoming popular as an anti-ageing treatment.

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Thread lift before & after. A masterful 7 point PDO thread lift by Helen Bowes

DIY Heddle Bar to Speed up your Weave

The genius of the heddle bar is in the way it moves alternative warp threads up from the work allowing the weave to build at a much quicker pace.

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7 point PDO thread lift by Helen internationally respected expert Helen Bowes. Before, 4 weeks after and with additional threads