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Thoracic Vertebrae

this is part 2 of the physiotherapy project with sara The m. trapezius is a large superficial muscle that extends longitudinally from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae and laterally to the spine of the scapula (shoulder blade). Its Your body is amazing, especially if you build it. Pick a part and train it perfectly... You will LOOK GREAT and FEEL GREATER!! It's amazing how your muscles can change

The spine and its nerves. Nerve supply channels and where they reach to in the body: Cervical Vertebrae, Thoracic vertebrae, Lumbar Vertebrae, Sacral Vertebrae


So this is what my back looks like. Except that the neck part bends back out like the curve in the thoracic area.

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The twisted bones of Richard III

Richard III's Skeleton: Whole skeleton showing curvature of spine at 10th and 11th thoracic vertebrae... scoliosis. This would not have given him the hump and horrid deformities of Shakespeare but his shoulder on one side would have been higher.

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How to Stretch the Psoas Muscle

The psoas (sō-ŏz) muscle is approximately 16 inches long. It begins at both sides of the 12th thoracic vertebrae of the back, and stretches all the way down to each of the legs, where it makes a final connection with the lesser trochanter. Also referred to as the "tenderloin," the psoas muscle is very thick and strong, and it is also the largest muscle found in the body.


Pain Under Left Rib Cage

The chest, also known as the thoracic cage, is one of the core and most fragile parts of the human skeletal system. 24 bony structures called ribs, costal cartilages, 12 thoracic vertebrae and the breast bone, all are parts that consist of the chest.... #Antispasmodic #Diarrhea #IrritableBowelSyndrome #AbdominalPain #Diverticulitis #Liver #Constipation #HepatocellularCarcinoma #Spleen #LargeIntestine #Thorax #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Opioid #LiverFailure #Kidney #ThoracicDiaphragm…

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Orthobullets. A site for surgeons, but has a good review of muscle origins/insertion. Also has a helpful library of orthopedic conditions, surgical interventions, and videos.


Origin Spinous processes of T9-T12 thoracic vertebræ, medial slope of the dorsal segment of illiac crest Insertion spinous processes of T1 and T2 thoracic vertebrae and the cervical vertebrae Artery lateral sacral artery Nerve posterior branch of spinal nerve Actions extends the vertebral column Antagonist rectus abdominis muscle


This is a great picture I found that shows the structure and division of the spinal cord, along with all of its functions. Its very clear and simple - making it very easy to learn for nclex. And heres a tip for you - Ive seen many nclex practice questions that focus on Spinal Cord Injury affecting C1-4, which affect breathing.