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Thomas Cranmer

The Great Bible - Thomas Cromwell’s injunctions of September 1538 required every parish to purchase a copy of an English Bible and place it in ‘some convenient place’ for all to see and read. To meet this demand, the Great Bible, so called because of its size, was put into production. This particular Bible with its coloured title page was very probably Henry VIII’s personal copy.

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Matilda's Keepsakes and Secrets

Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon's annulment This is the sentence of Thomas Cranmer’s court at Dunstable in the proceedings of Henry and Katherine’s marriage in 1533. You can see a copy of the only known existing sample of Katherine's handwriting in our beautiful activity book 'Matilda's Keepsakes and Secrets' from


Anne Boleyn's last confession. Interestingly, shortly before her execution on charges of adultery, the Queen's marriage to the King was dissolved and declared invalid. One would wonder then how she could have committed adultery if she had in fact never been married to the King, but this was overlooked, as were so many other lapses of logic in the charges against Anne. She was executed on May 19, 1536 in a private execution.


Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury.. He granted the divorce between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Was burned at the stake during the reign of Catherine's daughter, Queen Mary I.


1539 Great Bible: The First English Bible Ever Authorized for Use by the Church of England (King Henry VIII's Bible) - Generally Priced Near a Quarter-Million Dollars (Inquire) - Available at: GREATSITE.COM


March 21, 1556 – In Oxford, Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer is burned at the stake on the orders of Queen Mary I. The execution was largely an act of revenge for Cranmer's part in arranging the divorce of Mary's parents, Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.


in 1533,King Henry VIII's newborn daughter by Queen Anne Boleyn,Princess Elizabeth,was christened at Greenwich Palace in the Chapel of Observant Friars.This was a lavish ceremony,planned by King Henry and the rest of the palace,although he did not attend the christening.Elizabeth, only three days old at the time,was processed down a long green carpet from the Great Hall in the palace to the Chapel.She was flanked by her Godparents,Thomas Cranmer and the Duchess of Norfolk...


Emblem of Faith Untouched: A Short Life of Thomas Cranmer (Paperback)

Emblem of Faith Untouched: A Short Life of Thomas Cranmer

(Elizabeth I) ANNE MARRIES HENRY VIII AND IS CROWNED QUEEN - 1533 Thomas Cranmer grants the annulment of the marriage between Catharine of Aragon and Henry VIII. Anne secretly marries Henry VIII and is crowned Queen. In September she gives birth to Elizabeth (later Elizabeth I)

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The King's mansion: Inside the £5.5million priory owned by Henry VIII

Thomas Cranmer