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Timeless Beauty Bag as a baby travel kit. tuck it into your diaper bag and have all your emergency needs in one spot

from BabyCenter

Thirty one bag as a diaper bag?

thirty one diaper bag - "Heaven Sent" such a cute personalization! Janna-


Just running into the store for a quick pick-up? Leave your heavy diaper bag in the car and use the Pocket a Tote, which easily holds wipes, diapers, etc.

Personalized Thirty One Diaper Bag--filled w/ Goodies! ((Always what I do for baby showers and it's always a big hit. This is one that I did for Breanna*&*Carter, as well as buying a piece of her baby gear set she wanted. (I love Thirty One bags myself, so I love giving them as gifts!)... I do know that these girls need to quit having babies--they're costin' me too much money!! LOL))

Thirty One Diaper Bag ((looks like LEOPARD!! Hopefully Hoochie Mama has a boy and I can get it embroidered in *BLUE**** I always do this for baby showers and fill them w/ things for Momma and Baby)) lol