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James' marron sneakers featured as a protective third wheel, Lily's red-white-and-blue sneakers featured as she drapes herself over black-sneakered Lysander, and Albus' oftenly made fun of dress shoes.

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I'm the one girl in the group that gets left out of everything just because I'm quiet and don't have a boyfriend like everyone else.

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Gale, Harry and Jacob standing angrily in a corner while they watch their crushes dance. Ron & Hermione (watched by Harry), Bella and Edward (watched by Jacob) and Katniss and Peeta (watched by Gale).

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I would so love this if Gwen wasn't all evil here. I'm conflicted. Watching episodes 5x07 and 5x08 was so, so, so hard for me.

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This made me laugh. It's so true.... He never realizes that he's most definitely the third wheel.

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Third wheeling 2 girls who are best friends is soooooo much worse than third wheeling a couple this is a fact.

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