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How To Open And Tune Your Third Eye

There is always some mystery around the concept of the third eye. This article lets you know how to open your third eye easily in step by step procedure. Read on to know more about it

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In this new video Justin Verrengia breaks down the GREATEST COVER-UP to ever exist in human history... It's on your Pineal Gland. Learn how to activate it, awakening your third eye and extra sensory super powers you never knew existed.

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It is considered by many to be our biological Third Eye, the "Seat of the Soul," the “Epicenter of Enlightenment”, and its sacred symbol throughout history, in cultures around the world, has been the Pinecone.

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Open Your Third Eye And Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises

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In a distant past our pineal gland used to be our third eye and, even more than an eye: a cosmic receiver and sender of multi-dimensional information.

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Third Eye Chakra affirmations

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Sodalite 10mm Shamballa Bracelet

Sodalite Gemstone

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Do you listen to and follow your intuition? Listen to this full, guided meditation for the Third Eye Chakra. #chakrajourney

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How To Open Your Third Eye Quickly And Unlock Psychic Abilities

Pineal Gland activation with solfeggio frequency, Brow Chakra Meditation, Third eye opening with binaural beats meditation music. Meditation is the art...

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Third Eye Chakra Affirmation

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