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This sculpture is of a man and is made entirely in chain. The man's face is hidden from view, and in combination with the use of chain, it makes me think of him as a prisoner. This could be a cool study in how the materials affect the thoughts of the viewer.


Top 10 Greatest Warriors

Alexander the Great, depicting expressions of Alexander though in reality he may not have looked this way. a flatteed depiction but the expression shows a man a restless spirit, shown through raided eyebrows and lively expression. emotion depicts character


moon man.....have this moon in wood....inherited when my best friend Susie passed away. Think of her whenever I look at it, which is daily.


The Thinking Man's Frog Statue

Campania International The Thinking Man’s Frog Cast Stone Garden Statue - About Campania International Established in Campania International's reputation has been built on quality original products and service....

from Atlas Obscura

Elijah Bond's Ouija Board Grave

This is the headstone of Elijah Bond the man who patented the ouija board...I think a man with a good sense of humor!