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DIY Thieves Spray - Learn How to Make Thieves Spray

Learn how to make your own Thieves spray and boost your immune system. Witch hazel, thieves oil, sanitizer, disenfectant

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Make your own DIY Thieves Spray. Antibacterial Spray- great for doorknobs, toilet seats, restaurant tables, and more! Use Young Living Thieves essential oils......

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Thieves Spray Is Ideal for Use on Door Handles, Toilet Seats, or Any Surface That Needs Cleansing

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Legend has it that in the 15th century during the bubonic plague there were some robbers that entered the houses of the dying to rob the people of their goods but in doing so covered themselves with a recipe that kept them well. In exchange for immunity they shared this recipe...hence our THIEVES oil of today. Thieves Throat spray that you can make using Young Living Thieves oil. More

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DIY Thieves Spray

DIY Thieves Spray to kill those germs on surfaces and your hands!

With Young Living’s Wellness Essentials you will be well prepared for all occasions. Protect your family against germs and strengthen the immune system.

Athletes Feet Gone With Thieves Spray My husband has had to use antifungal spray for years for athletes feet. About 6 months ago he started using Thieves spray on his feet. No more athletes feet! No more chemically based antifungal sprays. And he smells great!!! Try the Thieves Enrollment Kit available at Leave a comment and I will PM you the details.

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