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The Four Most Common Masks Worn by The Narcissist

The whole time I stayed with her while she would see him. Then tossed out and he comes in. I miss her more than anything and my sweet son, I love you.


Elvis Presley - There Goes My Everything (Recorded June 8, 1970; at RCA Studio B in Nashville, TN)


"Darling, this will be goodbye forever more." -Elvis Presley, There Goes My Everything


I hear footsteps slowly walking As they gently walk across a lonely floor And a voice is softly saying Darling, this will be goodbye forever more There goes my reason for living There goes the one of my dreams There goes my only possession There goes my everything As my memory turns back the pages I can see the happy years we had before Now the love that kept this old heart beating Has been shattered by the closing of the door

a friend's promise goes both ways - @Jennifer Carbone made me think of you :) thank you for being there for me.


Yay Capricorn! this must mean my capricorn husband drives me nuts from time to time as I also need to use cruel words and profanities when totally pissed off.