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Identity design for award-winning Bristol theatre - Fiasco Design

Identity design for award-winning Bristol theatre - Fiasco Design


Feeble Minds. Spare Tyre theatre company. Set design by Rajha Shakiry, Projection design by Matt Spencer. 2009


Want to improve your skills in lighting for your community theatre company? This fantastic online guide is a terrific start.


Not About Heroes. Horseshoe Theatre Company. Scenic design by Elroy Ashmore. 1992

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The mood of any poster or spread can change to something completely different by using different words, colour and imagery, whilst still being unmistakably Griffin. The identity places a large emphasis on typography and wordplay; often relying solely upon typography for page layout. Griffin Theatre Company. Chris Maclean/Interbrand.


Digging the Croc being a shadow puppet... credit: the Children’s Theatre Company from Minneapolis, USA, Italian shadow puppet artist, Fabrizio Montecchi and Scotland’s own Visible Fictions. Platform, Glasgow


Future Mapping Co's lithographically printed world map in orange, thistle and khaki colours, with metallic silver ink and UV varnish to highlight landmasses. Details includes a shaded relief layer, plate tectonic boundaries and direction of movement, capital and major cities, rivers, roads, airports, peaks, time zones and North/South Pole projections. Scale 1: 35,000,000 (approx)

The Jewish Theatre Company