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The Woodsman Play

The Woodsman is Ben Short, a former advertising man who became disillusioned…

A good fire reflector maximizes heat retention and minimizes fire wood usage. Also may deflect wind while sleeping. Kudos to the builder. I have a couple of references to fire reflectors in my novel "Obliterated-Would You Know How to Survive?"


When the Family found a good spot to camp, there would be many things to do before settling down for the night : The children would be sent to gather up firewood, this would be used for the Yog, a fire central to the camp for cooking and sitting by to keep warm, but not only that a place tr to sit and chat after filling their bellies, talk about their day and sometimes they would play a fiddle and sing and dance.

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D&D Next Concept Art

D&D Next Concept Art | Keep on playing

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Game Of Thrones: Four massive shocks from episode 2

the character he plays is bleh xP, but he is damn fine! || Game of Thrones

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The Woodsman - wool felt plush soft toy

Introducing our friend The Woodsman. I love this little guy! He makes me smile. He looks really well made too. #EtsyUK #MadeintheUK #Etsyseller