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from The Unlit Candle

Protector - Greetings card by Anne Stokes

Werewolf Girl ~ Anne stokes...One of the savage girls that grew with the wolves.


(Play the Werewolf) I was walking in the woods one late summer night, I loved midnight woods walking. For being a popular girl I had dark secrets. But didn't everybody? I stopped when my flashlight died. "Ugh, come on." I groaned and looked around. That's when I saw him. Gold eyes of a Werewolf, dark hair, hard face, and vines poking his hair and face. "What—" I couldn't finish because he rushed at me making me yell and then I stopped, when he kissed me. His K-9's scraping my lip when he…


Lavender brown, Harry Potter, hp But you also must remember that in the books it's not explicitly stated that Lavender died.


Vampire snow white.

No, but this kind of makes me want to do a series of stories based on fairy tales in which the heroes/heroines are actually paranormal creatures. Beauty and the Beast, but she's a werewolf and the villagers don't realize she's also the beast. And so on...


With her friends burning at the stake, a witch summons a werewolf to save them, but at an incredible price: the creature she summons is the creature she'll become.