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Romancing the Stone (1984)

This was such a cute movie that got me laughing. Joan is just such a quirky character! Really liked this movie. Check it out! 4/5 stars


Decorated hagstones, or adder stones, believed by Druids to have magical powers such as protection against eye diseases or evil charms, preventing nightmares, curing whooping cough, the ability to see through fairy or witch disguises and traps if looked at through the middle of the stone, and of course recovery from snakebite. According to popular conception, a true adder stone will float in water.


Architecture is creativity solidified into a form of building..."the complex or carefully designed structure of something" (Google def #2). NOT necessarily as large as "a building". Here is a half-circle of stones built to rise in an arch at the still water's edge. The waters reflect it to create a perfect circle, and the stones below the water parallel the form of the stones. Martin Hill Stream Stone Circle, White Beach, New Zealand


The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica. These beautiful stones were shaped 1000s of years ago to within 96% perfect spheres, virtually impossible to do with handmade tools.