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2007 The Simpsons Movie Buzz Cola 6-Pack Unopened Cans Mint Condition

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This weekend is Bart's Bash - the world's largest sailing event with the @andrewsimpsonsailingfoundation . The event honours the life and legacy of Andrew 'Bart' Simpson a sailor who was passionate about encouraging and helping others. Get your Andrew Simpson Sailing polos online ahead of the event - Henri Lloyd will donate 10.00 for each polo sold to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. Link in bio. #sailing #bartsbash #andrewsimpsonsailingfoundation

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23 TV Moments That Are Older Than The Class Of 2019

Men- Lead household, care about money, being reckless, drinking, and women, spend free time doing illegal things behind wives back ( basically supports negative stereotypes of men) Women- if they are not ugly they are dumb, hyper sexualized, do all the nurturing and cleaning.

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Tubby O.J. Simpson is caught stealing COOKIES from prison cafeteria

O.J. Simpson

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5 tips for an energy boosting lunch from the detox kitchen

5 tips for an energy boosting your lunch from The Detox Kitchen | How to have a healthier lunch - Red Online

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George VI gilt writing set hated by Queen Mother because it was gift from Edward sells for just £5,000

Edward VIII abdicated in 1936 to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson. He was known as the Duke of Windsor.

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The 16 funniest newspaper headlines from The Simpsons

The 16 funniest newspaper headlines from The Simpsons - Mirror Online


Superstar Quotables #Infographic

Superstar Quotables #Infographic #Quotes